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Sales Manager

Assupol Life - Upington, Northern Cape

Full-Time | Insurance

Closing date yi 13 ka November 2020


  • To recruit, maintain and develop sales representative and brokers and set targets.


  • Matric
  • Relevant Qualification (recognised by the FSCA)
  • Regulatory Examination Level 5: Representatives
  • Regulatory Examination Level 1: Key Individuals
  • Class of Business (Long Term Insurance and Investments) (Depending on Date of Appointment as Key Individual in the industry)
  • CPD
  • 1-year management and oversight experience in categories A, B1, B2, C and retail pension funds
  • 2 years Project Management
  • 2 years Insurance industry
  • Atleast 1 years advice and intermediary experience in category A, B1, B2, C and retail pension funds


Develop and maintain sales and marketing plan:

  • Develop an integrated sales & marketing plan
  • Implement and align marketing plan with regional plan and submit to management
  • Review and update strategic plan on a regular basic
  • Compile report on progress made on strategic plan
  • Communicate strategic plan to sales representatives

Perform recruitment and selection process for sales representative:

  • Advertise and market representative positions through presentations
  • Select applicants in accordance with FSCA requirements implementation of assessment selection battery

Conduct training to sales representative

  • Facilitate the pre-course and post-course training
  • Responsible for on-the-job assessment of representatives

Conduct coaching process:

  • Give technical support and motivation to representatives
  • Coach representatives on improving their selling skills
  • Provide recognition through performance management system

Conduct training to brokers:

  • Ensure brokers are equipped with sufficient office documentation e.g. application forms
  • Handle administration queries on behalf of dedicated brokers
  • Check business methods of dedicated brokers and advise accordingly
  • Update brokers on Assupol products and services regularly
  • Ensure computer software of brokers are up to date in respect of Assupol products and services
  • Build professional business relationships with brokers

Identity and develop new and current markets:

  • Identify, penetrate and develop new markets
  • Negotiate stop order markets
  • Maintain contacts with key decision makers and insurance industry resources (new and existing)
  • Retain and increase market share in existing markets
  • Manage the business retention
  • Conduct products presentations in the market

Maintain production targets and retain business:

  • Ensure and monitor set production targets are achieved
  • Maintain business retention

Comply with FAIS requirements:

  • Supervise representative when rendering services under supervision
  • Submit supervision evidence to MSSI on a monthly basis
  • Mentor and train supervisee to ensure that they have a proper understanding of products
  • Observe meetings between representative and clients
Lomsebenzi ufakwe ngu Tebuho Moshoeshoe nge 26 ka October 2020