Lomsebenzi has expired (SORRRRY). Either closing date yawo idlulile okanye if ubungena closing date ixesha lawo lidlulile nalo. Ngoba thina imisebenzi engena closing date siyigcina intsuku ezisixhenxe.

Community Service Interns X2

Nkangala District Municipality - Middelburg, Mpumalanga

Internship | Municipality

Closing date yi 25th ka September 2020

Nkangala District Municipality Community Service Interns X2 Middelburg


  • Grade 12 certificate.
  • Completed Environmental Health (EH) curriculum.
  • Registration with Professional bodies as Environmental health student at HPCSA.
  • Good computer skills and completed all EH experiential training.
  • Applicant must be unemployed and resides within Nkangala district Municipality.


  • Performing inspections of specific premises: undertakers, offensive trades, hairdressers, places of entertainment, recreational facilities, resorts, child-care establishments, hostels
  • Preparing monthly MHS reports.
  • Conducting general inspections of residential and business premises in response to EH related complaints received.
  • Perform routine monitoring and sampling of water sources
  • Enforcement of MHS by-laws and other relevant legislations.
  • Conduct environmental education and awareness campaigns within the local jurisdiction.
  • Investigating complaints regarding noise disturbance and monitor levels thereof.
  • Preparing and serving notices, letters, reports, etc, according to environmental health legislations.
  • Conduct food premises inspections.
  • Monitoring waste management within the local jurisdiction.
  • Monitoring the exhumation and reburial or disposal of human remains
  • Scrutinising building plans and report comments
  • Providing health education and instructions during inspections
  • Issue Certificate of Compliance or Acceptance in accordance with applicable legislation
  • Investigating outbreaks/incidences of food borne diseases (infections and poisonings)
  • Attend meetings, Training, workshops or conferences.
Lomsebenzi ufakwe ngu Siseko Gwegwe nge 15 ka September 2020