Team Members: Debt Collections (X6) (5634)

South African Revenue Service - Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Full-Time | Finance

Closing date yi 19 ka May 2022

South African Revenue Service Team Members: Debt Collections (X6) (5634) Durban


  • We invite you to be part of the special team that contributes to the collection of revenue, protect the economy and people of South Africa.
  • We believe that your skills, commitment, and dedication will add value and make a difference to the organisation and country.
  • Integrity is key to the organisation.


  • Relevant Higher Certificate (NQF 5) AND 2 years' experience in a Debt Management environment
  • Senior Certificate (NQF 4) AND 3 years' experience in a Debt Management environment

Skills & Competencies

  • Accountability
  • Attention to Detail
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Building Sustainability
  • Commitment to Continuous Learning
  • Conceptual Ability
  • Customer Service
  • Fairness and Transparency
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Organisational Awareness
  • Respect
  • Trust


  • Ensure accurate record keeping of all the relevant documentation in line
  • Communication of transactional outputs and queries in area of work according to policies and quality requirements.
  • Contribute to the development & improvement of area specific standards, procedures and processes to ensure continued quality and service improvement.
  • Contribute to the successful implementation of change initiatives by providing support in area of work.
  • Deliver on contracted performance objectives and escalate unresolved delivery and quality issues to management and process owners.
  • Draw on own knowledge and experience to identify and develop solutions that leads to improved service delivery and quality.
  • Effectively plan and schedule own activities to continuously improve quality and service delivery in area of work.
  • Report on transactional and process activities within set guidelines to provide timely information for decision making.
  • Determine origin of debt, verify due dates, hygiene checklist of taxpayer compliance, tax type cross reference and execute the debt recovery interventions in line with standard operating procedures and within defined turnaround times
  • Maintain the taxpayer account file by administering referrals to account maintenance, portfolio maintenance, tracing, legal, etc.
  • Engage the taxpayer on all outstanding debt as well as outstanding returns
  • Issue (or Re-Issue) Final Demand letters where taxpayer is unwilling to co- operate.
  • Issue S46 for third-party information and issue third party notifications to employers and banks.
  • Prepare a Civil Judgement and send for line manager’s approval, submit to Court for issuance, and notify taxpayer of the issued Judgment.
  • Prepare withdrawal of Civil Judgment upon settlement of debt in full or where there may be an error on the Civil Judgment and submit to Court for issuance of the order.
  • Prepare a Warrant of Execution, send for line manager approval, and submit to the Sherriff of the Court to execute.
  • Prepare a motivation for issuance of Notice of Personal Liability to responsible Third Party/ Representative Taxpayer and facilitate collection action against Responsible Third Party / Representative Taxpayer.
  • Prepare a Submission for Suspension of Obligation to Pay/Write-Off to relevant Debt Committee and capture the outcome.
  • Analyse supporting documentation and present the requests for a deferral of payment/compromise settlement from the taxpayer to the relevant Debt Committee and notify the taxpayer of the outcome.
  • Monitor the taxpayer’s payments against the deferral/ compromise agreement and ensure updates to the journals and closure of case file upon payment in full.
  • Visit taxpayer premises for meetings, delivery of documents and verify taxpayer information accompanied by a colleague and/or line manager.
  • Escalate all unresolved and non-compliant debtors after all debt recovery actions are concluded.


  • Comply to set governance and compliance procedures and processes related to an area of work and continuously identify and escalate risks.
  • Ensure that completed work adhere to relevant policies, procedures, governance and legislative requirements and report on deviations & discrepancies.


  • Implement appropriate people capacity plans in line with delivery and efficiency targets, on budget and in partnership with specialised areas.
  • Monitor and actively manage team performance to meet specified objectives against required targets, deadlines and quality standards.


  • Search for, integrate and share new knowledge attained through formal and informal learning opportunities in the execution of your job.  
  • Drive own performance and development in order to achieve and improve on work outputs in line with required response time, quality and service delivery standards.


  • Contribute to a culture of service excellence, which builds positive relationships and provides opportunity for feedback and exceptional service.
  • Ensure client satisfaction by engaging and delivering a service that is consistent, seamless, quick and error free.

Additional Information

  • The Employment Equity policy of SARS will be considered as part of the recruitment and selection process and Persons with Disabilities are encouraged to apply.
  • Successful candidates will be required to undertake an oath of secrecy, pre-employment screening, case study, pre-assessment, psychometric assessment and or vetting, and a declaration of private interest.
  • The appointment is also subject to appropriate reference(s) and security clearance where applicable.
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