Life Entabeni Hospital Junior Clinical Engineer Berea, Durban

Closing date yi 3rd ka April 2020


  • A vacancy exists for a Junior Clinical Engineer, based at Life Entabeni Hospital, reporting to Marc Yorinda, Engineering Manager.
  • The successful candidate will be responsible for the maintenance and co-ordination of all major facets associated with medical equipment technology within the hospital.


  • B-Tech or National Diploma in clinical / biomedical engineering
  • Alternatively, a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Light Current) with at least one year of experience in management and/or maintenance of medical equipment in a clinical environment.
  • Member of the Clinical Engineering Association of South Africa (CEASA)
  • Experience within, and understanding of the private healthcare industry, its challenges and role players would be an advantage
  • Computer proficiency
  • Driver’s license and ability to travel.

Skills & Competencies

  • Problem-solving, analysis and judgement
  • Resilience
  • Engaging diversity
  • Verbal & written communication and presentation
  • Influencing (negotiation)
  • Drive & energy
  • Building relationships
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Organisational awareness
  • Leading by example
  • Ethical behaviour.


Medical Equipment Asset Management and Maintenance

  • Active involvement in maintaining an accurate computerised asset management system as per Clinical Engineering protocols.
  • Active involvement in determining medical equipment replacement requirements for the hospital
  • Perform first line repairs, modifications and installations on equipment, utilizing the necessary test equipment, in accordance with the standards and recommendations of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and/or governing agencies
  • Perform preventive maintenance inspections of equipment in line with Clinical Engineering and OEM protocols
  • Control and management of maintenance conducted by suppliers and acceptance thereof
  • Obtain and perform pre-acceptance inspections according to ECRI standards on new, demo and loan equipment
  • Implement the equipment commissioning process for new equipment as per Clinical Engineering protocols

Acquisition of Medical Equipment

  • Active involvement in the selection and acquisition of medical equipment technology that is fit for purpose and application, and up-to-date with current developments and best practices in the healthcare field
  • Consult with Physicians, Nurses and peers in the field, to evaluate equipment and determine the correct specifications and standards of the required equipment as per Clinical Engineering protocols
  • Be actively involved with the Capex system, understand and manage lease and rental agreements as applied to the hospital
  • Active involvement with the ‘supply chain management’ of medical equipment for all growth/new projects as per Clinical Engineering protocols


  • Perform formal operators training and monitor competency compliance by arranging training with vendors for hospital nursing staff and equipment end-users.

Maintain high professional standards

  • Ensure professional growth and development through professional affiliations, conferences and available resources, to stay updated within the clinical engineering field

Support National strategic initiatives and contribute to growth

  • Participate in Clinical Engineering forums and Projects as determined by Clinical Engineering
  • Evaluate National projects implemented as per Clinical Engineering protocols.

Additional Information

Application form:


Closing date

  • Friday, April 03, 2020
Lomsebenzi ufakwe ngu Makhwenkwe Gwegwe nge 23 ka March 2020

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