Lo msebenzi uphelelwe. Closing date yawo ibi nge 27 ka June 2022.

Administration Clerks (32 Posts)

Eastern Cape Department of Health - Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Cape

Full-Time | Government

Closing date yi 27 ka June 2022


  • People with disabilities are encouraged to apply for these posts.


  1. Pefferville Clinic, Pefferville, East London
  2. Amahleke Clinic, Dimbaza
  3. Bhisho Gateway Clinic, Bhisho
  4. Tamara Clinic, King William’s Town
  5. Pirie Clinic, King William’s Town
  6. Duncan Village CHC, Braelyn, East London
  7. Dimbaza CHC, Dimbaza
  8. Drake Road Clinic, Nahoon, East London
  9. Ncerha Clinic, Scenery Park, East London
  10. Grey Gateway Clinic, King William’s Town
  11. Central Clinic, East London
  12. Greenfields Clinic, Greenfields, East London
  13. Luyolo NU 9 Clinic, Mdantsane
  14. Philani NU 1 Clinic, Mdantsane
  15. Fezeka NU 3 Clinic, Mdantsane
  16. Eluxolweni NU 12 Clinic, Mdantsane
  17. Siyaphilisa NU 13 Clinic, Mdantsane
  18. Ndevana Clinic, King William's Town
  19. Moore St Clinic, Quigney, East London
  20. Gompo C Jabavu Clinic, Bebelele, East London
  21. John Dube Clinic, Scenery Park, East London
  22. Frere Gateway Clinic, Amalinda, East London
  23. Chris Hani Clinic, East London
  24. Litha Clinic, Berlin
  25. Sweet Waters Clinic, Zwelitsha
  26. Tyutyu Clinic, Tyutyu, Bisho
  27. Zanempilo EL Clinic, King William's Town
  28. Braelyn Extension Clinic, Braelyn, East London
  29. Ginsberg Clinic, King William's Town
  30. Breidbach Clinic, King William's Town
  31. Zikhova Clinic, Amalinda, East London
  32. Beacon Bay Clinic, Beaconhurst, East London


  • National Senior Certificate/NQF level 4 with no experience.
  • One (1) year public service internship programme experience will be given preference.

Skills & Competencies

  • Basic knowledge of administrative processes.
  • Computer Literacy.
  • Good communication (verbal and written) and report writing skills.
  • Interpersonal relationship.


  • Provide administrative support services: Capture and update data on computer. Generate spreadsheet. Update the system on all data sets. Validate data (for quality purpose) to ensure correctness, completeness and consistency. Compile routine statistical information/reports). Receive, register and track records or documents submitted for further processing in the administration component of the institution. Capture routine transactions on computer such as the transfer of information from manual records to electronic documents.
  • Provide routine and administrative maintenance service: Update and file records. Continuous updating information on computer for reporting purposes. Maintain DHIS database. Retrieve information required.

Additional Information

  • Applications must be posted on the new Z83 Form, a comprehensive CV, indicating three reference persons: Name and Contact Numbers, A relationship with reference, Furthermore, Applicants are only required to submit a Z83 form and a comprehensive CV.
  • Communication from the HR of the department regarding the requirements for certified documents will be limited to shortlisted candidates.
  • Therefore, only shortlisted candidates for a post will be required to submit certified documents (copies of Qualifications, Matric certificate, Identity document, Proof of registration, proof of citizenship if not RSA citizen) on or before the day of the interview following communication from HR.
  • Applicants must note that further Personnel Suitability checks will be conducted on shortlisted candidates and that their appointment is subject to the outcome of these checks which include security clearance, security vetting, qualification verification and criminal record checks.
  • Reference checks will be done on nominated candidate(s).
  • Note that correspondence will only be conducted with the short-listed candidates.
  • If you have not been contacted by the Department of Health within three (3) months of the closing date of the advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.
  • We thank all applicants for their interest. 
  • The system is available 24/7 and closes at 23:59 on the closing date.
  • To report technical glitches, for assistance regarding the system, and/or for activation of your profile, send an email to: [email protected] (NB: FOR technical glitches only – No CVs).
  • Email with your ID Number, your profile email address, details of the issue.
  • Technical support is limited to working hours: (08:00-16:30 Monday - Thursday and 08:00-16:00 on Fri).
  • Should you submit your applications/CVs to: [email protected] and not as specified – your application will be regarded as lost and will not be considered.
  • Refer all application related enquiries to the specified contact person.

Ref No

  1. Pefferville Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/DC/PEFC/APL/75/06/2022
  2. Amahleke Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/AMHC-ARP/76/06/2022
  3. Bhisho Gateway Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/BIGW-ARP/77/06/2022
  4. Tamara Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/TAMC-ARP/78/06/2022
  5. Pirie Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/PRC-ARP/79/06/2022
  6. Duncan Village CHC REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/DVCHC-ARP/80/06/2022
  7. Dimbaza CHC REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/DIMC-ARP/81/06/2022
  8. Drake Road Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/DRRD-ARP/82/06/2022
  9. Ncerha Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/NCC-ARP/83/06/2022
  10. Grey Gateway Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/GGC-ARP/84/06/2022
  11. Central Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/CC-ARP/85/06/2022
  12. Greenfields Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/GC-ARP/86/06/2022
  13. Luyolo NU 9 Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/LNU9-ARP/87/06/2022
  14. Philani NU 1 Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/PNU1-ARP/88/06/2022
  15. Fezeka NU 3 Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/FNU3-ARP/89/06/2022
  16. Eluxolweni NU 12 Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/ECNU12- ARP/90/06/2022
  17. Siyaphilisa NU 13 Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/SNU13-ARP/91/06/2022
  18. Ndevana Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/NDEC-ARP/92/06/2022
  19. Moore St Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/MSCARP/93/06/2022
  20. Gompo C Jabavu Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/GCJC-ARP/94/06/2022
  21. John Dube Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/JDC-ARP/95/06/2022
  22. Frere Gateway Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/FGARP/96/06/2022
  23. Chris Hani Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/CHC-ARP/97/06/2022
  24. Litha Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/ILC-ARP/98/06/2022
  25. Sweet Waters Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/SWC-ARP/99/06/2022
  26. Tyutyu Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/TYC-ARP/100/06/2022
  27. Zanempilo EL Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/ZANC-ARP/101/06/2022
  28. Braelyn Extension Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/BRECARP/102/06/2022
  29. Ginsberg Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/GINS-ARP/103/06/2022
  30. Breidbach Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/BRE-ARP/104/06/2022
  31. Zikhova Clinic REF NO. ECHEALTH/AC/ZIK-ARP/105/06/2022
  32. Beacon Bay Clinic REF NO ECHEALTH/AC/BBC-ARP/106/06/2022


  • R176 310 – R207 681 per annum (Level 05)


  • Ms Hlulani Tel no 043 708 1700

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