Lo msebenzi uphelelwe. Closing date yawo ibi nge 26 ka January 2022.

Group Lead: Regulatory Affairs for Consumer Health

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa - South Africa, Nationwide

Full-Time | Legal and Public Affairs - Communication and Sustainability

Job Description

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) presents an exciting opportunity for an experienced Group Lead: Regulatory Affairs for Consumer Health, to join the Group Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability division at CCBA. This is a senior level resource in the Regulatory Affairs and Compliance department that seeks to mitigate risk and optimise the benefit of regulatory and legislative requirements. This employee constantly scans the regulatory environments in the business footprint locations of CCBA to identify policy frameworks, legislation and regulations that will impact on the CCBA business. Their area of focus is specifically policy frameworks, laws and regulations that relate to policy development in respect of NCD’s in relation to the consumer base of CCBA and the communities in which they produce and sell the product. The applicant may reside in any of the CCBA footprint of countries: South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia & Zambia. The successful applicant will report into the Group Head: Regulatory Affairs and Compliance. Coca-Cola Beverages Africa is the largest African Coca-Cola bottler, accounting for 40% of all Coca-Cola volumes on the continent. CCBA is a Non Alcoholic Ready to Drink (NARTD) market leader in Africa. CCBA has an extensive footprint in Africa, employing over 16 000 employees. CCBA vision is to Refresh Africa every day and make the continent a better place for all, growing successfully as business and creating a better shared future for our people, customers, consumers, communities, planet and shareholders. The Group Lead: Regulatory Affairs for Consumer Health leads efforts to improve CCBA’s proactive management of potential and existing policy development in respect of the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) in relation to the industry. They also help to protect CCBA from regulatory related threats or they work to realise the potential value to be gained from regulatory advantages by acting as an advisor to business and alerting the business of impending changes in the regulatory space. They analyse and synthesize all relevant literature to understand the impacts and the requirements of existing and new policy frameworks and legislations, and they work with colleagues in country to analyse and understand regulatory requirements. They lead efforts to support on uncovering the scope of economic implications of these policies and laws on the business and work with the team to influence the outcome of the policy process. The Group Lead: Regulatory Affairs for Community Health partners with their in-country colleagues to establish relationships and engage with key stakeholders. They leverage these relationships to gain advance information, to influence process and to represent and support the CCBA interests and commercial strategy. They lead efforts in creating awareness in the organisation regarding the value and risk of material legal and regulatory issues that should be considered in strategy formulation and planning activities. In this regard they act as expert providing information on the type, the reasons for and the anticipated impacts of planned legislation. They also research and share information on the planned process of implementation and deployment timelines for the new legislation.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Constantly learning about global regulatory developments and trends related to NCD’s and consumer health. Establishing and maintaining a knowledge base of potential relevant regulatory developments, case studies and laws. Acting as a point of contact for various internal teams that require inputs regarding economic, reputation, operational permission, and other impacts of regulations. Acting as an internal consultant on aspects of regulatory and legislative change in respect of NCD policy and consumer health and different tactics and strategies that can be adopted. Maintaining a network of peers and building alliances with external counterparts and communities of practices to exchange knowledge and ideas on emerging regulations and legislation. Representing CCBA at conferences on NCD and consumer health related regulatory responses and speaking confidently on related subjects. Developing and implementing systems and methods to continuously scan the legislative and regulatory environment for relevant changes. Continuously scanning for and gaining information on plans for new regulations or changes to existing regulations in the CCBA footprint area. Analysing the information and identifying key regulatory business risks and intelligence critical to CCBA business and including these matters in the in the regulatory agenda for CCBA. Performing research into and compiling information on emerging regulatory and legislative changes. Collaborating with the Group Head of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance and compiling, synthesising, and ordering intelligence and research into a Regulatory Affairs agenda for NCD policy development and consumer health for the CCBA group. Obtaining approval and buy-in for the CCBA Regulatory Affairs agenda for NCD policy development and consumer health and socialising and sharing the agenda with relevant stakeholders. Ensuring that Group Head of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance is kept informed of trends and developments in the internal and external environment. Using the Regulatory Agenda to prioritise and plan response efforts with regards to planned regulatory changes. Researching topics related to planned regulation changes, finding information on other similar regulations globally and building a knowledge base for CCBA on the topic. Creating awareness in the Group and in countries that will be impacted by new or changing regulations through presentations, correspondence, and meetings. Supporting onto determine and project potential impacts, including value and risks, of planned regulation changes. Analysing and identifying the most effective regulatory bodies, law makers, lobbying groups and economic forums where CCBA should be represented. Planning engagement strategies with the various bodies, groups and forums and identifying the outcomes that the participation should result in for CCBA. Supporting the facilitation of relations with key regulatory authorities and decision-makers at a country level; discussing and challenging issues and negotiating solutions in the best interests of the company. Leading business participation in regulatory matters by personally representing CCBA at key opportunities. Developing the guidelines for effective engagement and coaching colleagues in-country on the best approaches. Making use of other engagement platforms to influence outcomes and drive advocacy of CCBA’s position. Listing and maintaining a register of all internal efforts and initiatives being undertaken in response to actual and planned regulatory changes. Contributing knowledge and expertise to Group or in-country teams developing the CCBA responses to regulation changes. Regularly meeting with teams responsible for implementing CCBA responses to regulatory changes. Preparing and contributing to regulatory required compliance collateral and reports. Reporting progress to key decision makers and alerting them in cases of compliance failure. Contributing and collaborating when assigned to project teams and engaging with fellow project team members. Working closely with the Public Affairs team in PACS. Engaging in CCBA Regulatory workshops and meetings to share plans and progress. Meeting regularly with the Regulatory Affairs team members and his/her manager to report progress, raise issues and brainstorm solutions. Supporting internal improvement initiatives within the Regulatory department to ensure continuous business improvement.

Skills, Experience & Education

Qualifications: The minimum qualification required for this job is a further degree in Public Administration, Political Science, Legal, Economic or an alternative Social Sciences degree, or equivalent work experience. Experience: 10 to 12 years’ experience in the public policy and regulatory formulation with at least 5 years focused on working in one or more in focus area in the Regulatory and Legislative domains.


The advert has minimum requirements listed. Management reserves the right to use additional or relevant information as criteria for short-listing.

Lo msebenzi uphelelwe. Closing date yawo ibi nge 26 ka January 2022.