2021 SAICA Trainee Accountant - Audit (3-year contract)

BDO South Africa - St Georges Park, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

In-Service | Investigations

Closing date yi 31st ka December 2020

BDO South Africa 2021 SAICA Trainee Accountant - Audit (3-year contract) St Georges Park, Port Elizabeth


  • The SAICA Accountant Traineeship is a 3 Year Training Contract whereby you will learn all the necessary SAICA competencies to pass your APC qualification in order to register as a Chartered Accountant.

Looking for candidates who would like:


  • Exposure to a broad range of client sectors;
  • Hands on experience with clients and management;
  • Open door policy with managers and partners;
  • To learn about a broad range of businesses from listed entities to entrepreneurial start ups;
  • A supportive environment that is focused on skills development and professionalism.


  • Honours / PGDA / CTA or equivalent level qualification at a SAICA recognised University.

Skills & Competencies

  • Keen willingness to learn and bring energy and aspiration to audit team;
  • Strong technical ability
  • High level of attention to detail and analytical and problem solving abilities;
  • Ability to communicate effectively;
  • Ability to relate to clients;
  • Ability to apply sound professional judgment;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to self-development and growth;
  • Ability to work within diverse teams;
  • Strong organisational ability.



Additional Information

  • Please remember to submit your CV, ID, Matric Certificate, Academic Records and Proof of Registration for CTA this year.
Lomsebenzi ufakwe ngu Siseko Gwegwe nge 21 ka June 2020